Paul Arnott watercolour workshop held on 12th January

In January, Paul bravely made his journey over the Severn bridge in very wintry conditions to bring us an excellent watercolour workshop.
Paul is the present chairman of the South Wales Art Society.  An experienced tutor, he often leads art classes on cruise ships. 
The workshop began with Paul showing us photographs and asking us to choose the one we would most like to paint.  Our favourite was a wintry landscape that we then drew on paper.  After Paul had demonstrated various techniques he uses with brushes, credit cards etc., we set to work and under his expert guidance we all produced pleasing results.
Paul then showed us some quick techniques for painting figures – a very useful exercise.  Lastly, he coached us through painting a Wild West scene.  Although most of us felt that this was more of a challenge than the first task, good results were achieved by the end of the session.
We all agreed that the day had been a great success, and we hope Paul will return next year.


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