February News letter

Lawrence Society of Art  Newsletter, February 2018

Dear Members

 With change comes difficulty. With perseverance comes united success.

The Committee are very much aware of this and we hope that the contents below will answer questions and calm some reactions to new fees and concepts.

 First:  Fees.

 At the AGM in December, it was decided, by a majority vote, to add the £2 per member meeting charges, after our treasurer advised that, if we remained at the current rate of membership and revenue, the Society would be in deficit at the end of the current year; due to hiring of facilities, demonstrators/lecturers, printing and general costs rising sharply over the last years.

 The situation at that time with no Chairman or Secretary, meant this change was not able to be translated to the full membership.

Once the new people were in post, following the January meeting, the Committee, aware of the views of some members, looked for an agreeable compromise. It was decided, at the February Committee meeting to keep the current fee situation until the Summer Break and look at members ideas and comments in the months before, so a reasoned decision could then be made.

 In the mean time, it was agreed by the Committee this week that the number of demonstrations this year be 10 (plus the AGM in December). Keeping the January meeting and having no meeting in August. (Originally there were 8 demonstrations and the AGM.)

 One of the central points was that the new cost of our membership was less than The Art Society’s.

 Secondly: Meeting Timings.

 Start at 7.15, Chairman welcomes members/guests, plus important notices.

7.30 Demonstration begins.

8.30  Break for refreshments.

8.45  Raffle results.

8.50  Demonstration continues plus final questions.

9.30   Thanks to Guest Demonstrator and end of evening.

Thirdly: Annual Exhibition.

 Following the Corn Exchange and Town Hall rooms being unavailable due to block bookings, it was agreed by the Committee, following a strong and enthusiastic response from a survey by him, to take up Kim Wright’s suggestion  at the December AGM, for an Art Trail from the 18th to the 23rd of June to replace the usual central exhibition this year.

The Chairman has now visited over 90 business’s, spoken to the owners and agreed places for 260 works by members, in windows or within premises.

 Additionally, the Crown Centre’s top three rooms have been booked to act as the location where payments will be made for purchases and hold a further 80 to 100 exhibited works.

Importantly, members will have at least one work there, if requested, the rest of their work will be placed in either one other location/adjoining premises if not, to keep continuity.  Members will hang/position their work there themselves.  Insurance, if wanted will be the member’s responsibility, if they do not wish to trust the contents insurance of the premises.

 The aim is to fourfold fold:

  1. showcase member’s work within the wider business district of the town
  2. create community awareness of the Society (over 90% spoken to had never heard of it) and boost membership
  3. help local business’s in these difficult times by increased footfall
  4. give families and individuals a wonderful time following the trail.

 Advertising plans and preparations are well under-way and we look forward to your contributions to this new venture to make it the success it deserves.

 The Committee

Lawrence Society of Art

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