September news letter

Dear Members
In this issue: September Demonstration by Catherine Beale Workshop available Exhibitions of Members work in Devizes Shops 2019 Calendar October Pop-up Exhibition November 5th WW1 Exhibition Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition October’s Demonstration
September’s Talk.
We were delighted to have Catherine Beale with us for the meeting and demonstration on the 3rd. Her view of what can be achieved with Watercolours, gravity and everyday items, like salt, was an inspiring look into how to further explore this often used medium. Through the simple drifting of blue sky into horizons and lush-brown ploughed countryside and on to placement of trees, we became aware of the changing focus and texture of the painting being created before us. Through adding course salt granules to the wet paint of its chocolate-pudding-consistency earthiness, we perceived clods of earth and rocks appear within it, altering texture and depth. By the end of the evening, although unfinished, we saw a wonderful richness of colour blending in her landscape that left a lasting impression, as well as a determination to try our own work with these new ideas.
Workshop in November
Catherine Beale will also be doing a workshop at Bishop’s Cannings Village Hall on the 30th November 2018. £30 for members. To book this contact Margaret Hanson.
2018’s Art in Trail Shops.
As we hoped, following the Art Trail, members have quickly taken up all but four of the shops who want year-long rolling exhibitions in their premises. A list of these will be in October’s Newsletter At the time this was sent out those left for members to exhibit in were: Creativity, Country Curios, Roses Butchers & Sassy Sheik, all in Sidmouth St. Let Kim know if you are wanting to be in any of these.
Calendar for 2019
Everyone was delighted by the 2019 Calendars on sale at the meeting in September. If you don’t have any yet for birthdays or Christmas gifts, they will be available at October’s meeting for £5 each. Great work Pat and Team for the choices that reflect the superb spread of our member’s ability and styles.
October Pop-up Exhibition Saturday 13th October
Fourteen members put their hand up for this event and were asked by organiser Adrian Hopkinson to bring their paintings to the next meeting. If you were not present, you can still become an exhibitor by taking your work to the same October 1st meeting. We are not allowed to sell paintings but, as with the previous Pop-up, your details can be on the paintings for prospective buyers to contact.
End of WW1 Celebration Event 5th November
Please note that the corrected starting date for this is Monday the 5th of November in The Corn Exchange foyer. All works will be there for the rest of that week. Those members interested in painting themed works on the event title should let Kim know at the October 1st meeting or by e-mail before the end of the month and bring them to the foyer of The Corn Exchange on Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm.
Hillworth Park Autumn is also a good time to go to this display of member’s work. Come into the warmth of the cafe and enjoy a cuppa and view the works there.
October’s Demonstration
This will be by Paul Arnott, using a Seascape to demonstrate the art of Acrylic/Gouashe. Seating for the October Demonstration, by request from members at the September meeting, will be different to aid better viewing of the screen.
Your Committee

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