January News letter

In this issue:
January’s Talk
Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
Art Cafe Melksham Exhibition 2019
Other Member Exhibitions
February’s Talk on Sir Thomas Lawrence
January’s Talk and Demonstration.
With his foundations in the love of drawing and a wealth of experience in animation
over the years; not to mention a stylish use of caricatures, Bill Mather brought to us
an exciting multi-media presentation of his work.
Beginning with Art School and Design, Bill gave us a cheeky caricature of himself to
think about and followed this with his work in designing sets for BBC Bristol’s
Animal magic, with Jonny Morris; creating the character of ‘The Digger’, for, Vision
On and making animated maps for David Attenborough’s Wildlife Programmes.
From Bristol we went with him to London and his joining a private company to do
adverts ( remember the dancing milk bottles one?), as well as promotional films for
bands like Dire Straits and the duet between Barry White and Tina Turner; both in
Stop-frame Animation. The first hand-drawn in Disney-style and the second in Claymation, Ardman-style – both were shown to great applause! Stylistically, the clip of
the Dire Straits song was monochrome and full of nuanced images, patterns,
movement and fascination linking to the lyrics. While the Barry and Tina one was in
colour, with a strong sense of caricature and very humorously done; bringing out the
background story of Tina hating ‘The Lurve Machine’, Mr White, and the pair
recording their parts of the duet in different countries!
After the break Bill gave us a quick guide to drawing faces in a mathematical way
that was ready for applying the needed adaptations and changes due to the differences
people have.
It was then time for the first, pre-arranged, victim to sit before the audience while Bill
did a caricature of them….step forward Sydney Carter/Mr Chairman! Whereon, while
a bemused subject and an amused audience looked on Mr Mather created…
Kim…….The Aussie Bush Ranger…cork-hung hat and all! Victim/sitter two, was the
lovely Jean Perrett and it wasn’t until after the completion of her caricature/portrait,
that Bill revealed all the preparation he had done for his worthy subject, some 5 in all.
Questions were few in the face of this wonderful event, that was a delight to all in
this well-attended evening audience.
Great News! Our new Membership Secretary is Nick Hunt.
Melksham Cafe Art Exhibition February 2019
If you are still wanting to enter this exhibition, you should contact Jean Perrett
as soon as possible!
Delivery of your paintings to the Melksham Art Cafe in Market Place is 5pm on
Sunday the 3rd February.
Removal of them 5pm Sunday the 3rd of March.
Up to five pieces can be submitted through Jean, who will want to know:
Artist’s name
Painting title
and Medium used.
Clearly print these on the back of each work, so we can transfer them onto the
specially printed cards with The Lawrence Logo on them.
Cost per painting is £2 per work( £1 to LSA and £1 to the Art Cafe Charity ).
Sales Fees – 205 on sales up to £100, 25% 0n those over £100.
Artist short biography – to: pattie.lockett@gmail.com by 15th January
Hillworth Park Cafe
Any day is a good one to go into the warmth here, enjoy a cuppa & member’s works.
Other Member Exhibitions:
David and Yvonne Auld and friends at The Pound Corsham, 12th
Jan. to 12th
Julie Weir’s solo exhibition – The Court Street Gallery, Trowbridge, 25 Jan.
to 9March
A relative new-comer to painting and our Society on the Committee, she has been
shown widely in the UK, America, Canada and Australia, where her work on the love
of nature has been very well received.
A finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year on 2015, Julie is about to be
interviewed for People Magazine about her work.
February’s Talk is on Sir Thomas Lawrence
Alan Padwick will give us a portrait, in words and images, of our own Local Hero
and Namesake; his life, progress from The Bear in Devizes to Court Painter, whose
works still hang in Windsor Castle and many other great houses in the land.
Alan was our Chairman for many years and is a most talented artist and accomplished
Keep warm and enjoy Winter’s Cloak.
See you at the February Meeting.
Your Committee

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