March News letter

1.March Talk & Members
2.Mini-Exhibition No. 1
3.Good News for the Padwicks
4.Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
5.Thanks to Jean Perrett
6.New Committee Member
8.April’s Critique

March demonstration:
Dee Cowell, ably supported by husband John, delivered a dazzling demonstration
using mixed media. From the beginning of this personal & care-free time of fine art
at work in a creative mind, we saw ideas & images emerge from Dee’s past life in
Africa & her recent visit as a tourist. Using a bright colour palette of, watercolour
pencil, inks, watercolours, acrylics & pastels, with a variety of techniques; like
squirting acrylic from nozzled bags, grating pastels, then spraying the shavings with
an atomiser, finger work, brush or palette knife. We were entranced to silence by the
wonders evolving before us…. until Dee did something off the scale of normal,
drawing gasps of disbelief, then laughter, as she worked her magic, making sense of
the audience-interpreted error or turning a misplaced line into part of the whole.
We understood it was a master-class and sat silently, like children, eagerly watching
the Elephants evolve from pencil sketch to vibrant colours, that made them jump out
of the canvas in blues, purples & pinks, outlined by white ink from a bottle brush &
surrounded by grasses of greens, yellows & browns. Quite stunningly beautiful!
As was Dee’s second piece, a group of Vervet Monkeys on a branch at sunset.
Starting with a watercolour wash of yellow & pink with some gravity work, it was
put away to dry, while the Elephants unfurled, returned to at the end of the session.
Here, again, the norms of colour were left behind in a superb explosion of colour &
dramatic life: bodies, faces & limbs beautifully sculpted with the glorious sunset
behind & through them.
Along with these portrayals we were given some real gems of advice: the importance
of empty space, divergent uses of colour & method, abandonment to the artist within
& away from reproducing copies of images.

Successful Members Mini-Exhibition No. 1
Thanks to the members who brought in a total of twenty pieces for everyone to see in
the first of these showings. They were a great focus at the interval, particularly trying
to read the names of the painter. Easy to read cards will be provided next time.

Hillworth Park Cafe
Another new range of member’s work is now up for March. Even more reason to
make any day a good one to go into the warmth there, enjoy a cuppa & view the art.

Our thanks to Jean Perrett for running the excellent month-long exhibition at
the Melksham Art Cafe.
Good feedback and an invitation from our hosts to return.

New Committee Member
Evelyn Taylor has kindly agreed to be on our committee as the Young Peoples Art
Exhibition Co-ordinator. Their exhibition will take place in conjunction with our
Annual Art Exhibition in November, upstairs in The Corn Exchange.

Please send Kim an e-mail, as per the previous request sent, saying you will be
bringing a picture to Max Hales Constructive Critiques at the April Meeting.
At present we only have 13 members contributing. Less than half the number

We need a new home for our exhibition display equipment, as Mr Fussell, who has
kindly lent us space in his garage, is soon to move house.
It would only take up one twelve foot section of wall and two feet out from that.
Please contact the committee.

Participation in The Urchfont Group’s Art Exhibition
Can be applied for by Lawrence members. See website or Sheila Weller to apply.

Our First Plein Air Painting Session
Will be on Tuesday 21st May from 9.30- 12 cost £5, coffee provided.
At Caen Hill Community Farm near Poulshot.
Numbers would be useful for refreshment purposes please.
See/e-mail Jean Perrett. ( )

St John’s Art Shop close at the end of March. Discounted materials available.

April’s Critique Meeting Advice
This is an open event for you to bring your work in for all the members to see and
have them looked at by popular Artist, Max Hale. He will constructively give a
qualified analysis of each, taking about three minutes per work.
Max requests that each painting has a working title, so remember your painting.
Your Committee

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