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June’s Demonstration

May’s Demonstration:
Phil Madley gave us an evening to remember, with his superb knowledge and artistry
of using Encaustic Wax. He also provided a laughter filled commentary on this and
his life long love of the medium, but also in the answering of the many questions
from members.
After outlining the equipment needed for this medium, we were in a constant state of
hilarity and awe as the demonstration progressed from, seemingly simple, floral
patterns in single colours, made by carefully turning the edge of the iron in small
increments, achieving what Paul called his Turner paintings. These all came with life
stories letting us into the journey he had taken to reach this level, to more complex
landscapes ( even with members suggested additions ) and seascapes…all using his
utilitarian encaustic wax iron. White card was changed for silver and a remarkable
seascape emerged. Then, using some of his other tools, a lighthouse, sails on the
horizon and foliage against the bottom of the far cliffs appeared from the image.
When turned in the light, the painting showed its magical state, with the evening
silver on the breaking waves and ripples bringing it to sparkling life.
Final piece of the evening showcased the use of a hot air blowgun on dribbles of
bright colours and overlaid with silver on a white card. This appealed to the abstract
lovers and water colourists alike, as the free flowing air, melted and spread the wax
colours into a stylish piece of art.
There was much to inspire any medium user in this outstanding evening of ideas and
commentary. Our favourite was the story of the woman who asked if he did his own
framing. Phil’s response was to say that he owned a wood in Buckinghamshire and
used the wood from there cut up in his sawmill there and stored in his large shed
onsite. Gales of laughter followed this tall tale and the effect of his time with us will
be remembered for a long time.

Hillworth Park Cafe
Having visited here a couple of times now and looking forward to another excellent
showing of member’s work at this month’s changeover, do take our advice and visit
yourselves. The gardens are a delight to walk in as well.

PR and Media Roles
Three members of the committee have kindly agreed to take on these roles:
Social Media Julie Weir
Storage of Media kit, Jean Perrett
Setting up same, Kim Wright
We are still looking for a member who is able to take on the PR/Advertising role.
Please call or e-mail one of the committee.

Urchfont Art Group
Our great thank to them for taking all our exhibition equipment due to Mr Fussels’s
move and no local, Devizes member coming forward to offer them a home. While
setting up exhibitions will require more driving, it is with some relief that the pieces
are together in a safe place, thanks to Urchfont.
Huge congratulations to Urchfont for their stunningly good Art Exhibition during the
Annual Scarecrow Trail.

Our First Plein Air Painting Session
On Tuesday 21st May from 9.30- 12 cost £5, coffee provided.
At Caen Hill Community Farm near Poulshot. Covered or open painting.
Currently we have six members signed up.
There is still time, if there is any anyone else who wants to come.
Please contact Jean.
( )
Note: Our second Plein Air is on the 4th of June at Wellaway Gardens near

June’s Demonstration
Will be by one of our members, Paul Oakley. As you know, Paul, the Chair of
Marlborough Open Studios over the last few years, is a very talented artist. His
demonstration will be using oils to create a sense of place in a semi-abstract
M.O.S. have their free preview of 80 artists present work at The Mount House
Gallery, Marlborough, from the 16th to 19th May. Prefacing the M.O.S. in July.
Happy Summer Days
Your Committee

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