June news letter

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June’s Demonstration
Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
PR and Media Roles
Un Plein Air 1,2 & 3
Art trail 2019
July’s Demonstration

June’s Demonstration:

Fellow member, Paul Oakley, also chair of The Marlborough Open Studios, gave us a
fascinating look at painting a landscape in Semi-Abstract Style, in oils, to create a
sense of place. It was a new concept to many and brought out a number of questions
during his demonstration. Many of the original artists who began The Impressionism
Movement were transferring from Landscape to Impressionism, so this intermediary
position is where we were taken. Many current artists, like Paul, still enjoy this mix
of the real but with colours not usually associated with landscapes. In this case we
had a local image transformed by giving it cool/cold colours as the main background;
mauves and dark blues. Even the lighter blue sky was muted with burnt umber and
the sun a darker orange, using orange, red and raw sienna.
Using a limited pallet in quick, certain movements, Paul set to work transforming this
already beautiful background, into a scene. In one place he made the lighter blue run
down the surface in the mid-ground to great effect; contrasting with the many
horizontal lines of the landscape. Building up further layers of lighter bluey-white
colours in amongst the darker vegetation, like a cold mist over parts of the scene.
Perhaps the most impressionistic aspect of the work were the taller trees. These Paul
chose to paint in lighter bluey-greys in near perfect circles for all but the Poplars.
This was a great divider of opinion in the meeting.
Houses appeared in a slightly mis-shapen form but in brighter colours, drawing the
eye to the foreground; where large trees and strata kept our eyes moving to the front.
All of this was executed with flair, explanations and many ideas to absorb and use.
An evening to cherish.

Hillworth Park Cafe

Don’t forget to have a look at the new exhibition of member’s work here, while
sipping a cuppa. Followed by a stroll through the delightful gardens.

PR and Media Roles
We are still looking for a member who is able to take on the PR/Advertising role.
Please call or e-mail one of the committee.

Our Plein Air Painting Sessions:

Tuesday May 21st Caen Hill Community Farm.
A small but delighted group of members, made the most of the many options to paint;
although I understand that the animals would just not stand still…!
Our thanks to Jean for setting this up, providing easels, refreshments with a smile.
Our second Plein Air was on June the 4th at Wellaway Gardens near Worton.
A group of 9 members braved the showery weather and, with the aid of a summer
house and pop-up gazebo, enjoyed the delights of the extensive and varied gardens,
ponds with water lilies and flag iris, as well as the bird song. After settling in our
chosen places, some using easels for the first time, we set to work on our pieces.
Once again, Jean had organised it to perfection, with water and easels for painting,
plus cream sponge cake and sparkling apple and elderflower, even the pop-up gazebo.
At the end of our time, there was some beautiful work to see.
Our next one is July 9th at Jenny Pape’s home, which includes a stream, woodland
and gardens. If you would like to book your place, then e-mail Jean. Details to follow.
( perrettjean@btinternet.com )

Art Trail 2

Following last year’s successful Trail, another is planned from August, 24th to 31st
.We are speaking to the local shops who were up for supporting us again and more
details will be sent out soon.
Entry forms for The 2019 Art trail will be due back by 26th July.
There will be space on the form to include a brief description of the style/genre of
your work, to enable members of the public, short on time when they pick up the
map, to choose those places with works that interest them most.
As with last year, our objectives are to raise the Society’s profile, encourage new
members and, as a bonus, sell your paintings.. ‘the usual 10% of sales goes to the Society. ‘


By show of hands at Monday’s meeting, it was decided not to raise the
Guest fee from £3 to £5.

Marlborough Open Studios opens next month.

LSA Members art at July’s meeting. Bring one or two for us to view.

July’s Demonstration

Do you remember the wonderful demonstration by Hash( Hashim Akib )?
Well, his partner, Marie Antoniou, is our July demonstrator. She is best known for her
wildlife paintings and was BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year in 2013, Wildlife Artist of
The Year ( David Shepherd ) in 2017. She is also a regular contributor to The Artist.
Marie will demonstrate in acrylic, a bold coloured , contemporary, impressionistic
interpretation of a wildlife scene.

Don’t miss this final meeting’s 7.15 start! before our August Break!
Hoping you are finding the sunshine amongst the showers,
Your Committee

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