July news letter

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July’s Demonstration
Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
PR Role
En Plein Air 3 & 4
Art trail 2019
September’s Demonstration

July’s Demonstration:
Marie Antoniou started chirpily by explaining her choice of colours, brushes and
impressionistic style, then gave us a choice of which one of the three photographs she
should paint in acrylic; Water Buffalo, Lion or her sweet Pussy Cat. The young Lion
won and Marie began to paint the pale green board with a 4” brush thick paint and
bold coloured strokes of orangey yellows, red, purple and Burnt Sienna, using what
she called her sculpting of the image by not following the exactness of the image but
cutting out the Lion’s shape in paint; working on the whole thing while the energy for
it is there. In her own words, the large brush helped Marie’s expressiveness, rather
than a small one, which would cause too much constraining detail.
Her ‘sculpting’ was to create shapes and colours that stimulate interest..which they
certainly did..the room was a-buzz with members comments to each other on the
simplicity, boldness and effect of the image suddenly appearing on the board! Marie
said that she likes to surprise herself with this sort of work and the painting in of
marks and colours that further excite her to more creativity. But…she added, spending
any longer than two days on a painting would kill off her energy and the work itself.
Building on the initial colours and beautifully simple image of the young Lion, Marie
began building up marks with smaller brushes, in an almost Pointilist-style; creating
patches of colours to bring out the contrasts of colours, light and shade.
The empty background was filled in with the same simple, yet effective boldness,
seen at the beginning.
At any of a least three stages of the process towards completion, the artistry from
experience and practice, made many want to purchase this bold and highly effective
work there and then.
What we we left with was a thorough appreciation of watching such an artist create
an amazing, brave, colourful and effective painting, of a young Lion falling asleep
after his meal.

Hillworth Park Cafe
Needs more member’s work for next hanging by 27th July. Contact Jill Goatman.

PR Role
We are still looking for a member who is able to take on the PR/Advertising role.
Please call or e-mail one of the committee.

Our Plein Air Painting Sessions 3 & 4:
Session 3 is on Tuesday the 9th July from 9.30am to 12.30pm at Jenny Pape’s home,
as per the e-mail sent out last week. Contact Jean at perrettjean@btinternet.com .
Session 4 will be at St James church on the crammer, on Thursday the 25th July from
10am to 1pm. Included in this session is the ability for 4 to 6 people to go up into the
bell tower with sketch books to choose from the views there. Refreshments and cake
will be provided, as per usual. So come and join this unique experience to paint ‘En
Plein Air’ high in the air. Contact Kim at jenandkim@talktalk.net .

Art Trail 2 August, 24th to 31st
It is now time for members to put in their applications for this, now annual, shopbased festival that combines businesses with art and pleasure.
After last year’s successful Trail, it is up to us all to make this an even more artistic
experience and bring your Society’s name to the front of the minds of people.
*Entry forms are due back by 26th July.
There will be space on the form to include a brief description of the style/genre of
your work, to enable members of the public, short on time when they pick up the
map, to choose those places with works that interest them most.
As with last year, our objectives are: to raise the Society’s profile, gain new
members, bring footfall to shops and sell your paintings.
# Please note: that if you are truly unable to take/collect your work to/from the
shop allocated, contact a committee member who will arrange it for you.


Marlborough Open Studios are open on each weekend this month. See their website
September is our next Demonstration. Details in the August newsletter.
LSA Members Re-Visited Mini-Art Exhibition is at September’s meeting.
Please bring one or two pieces of your work for fellow members to appreciate and get
to know your style. Only two members brought work for July’s one.
Please remember the starting time is 7.15pm.
Happy Summer Break.
Your committee

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