September news letter

September’s Demonstration
& Members Mini-Art Exhibition
Art Trail & DOCA
Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
En Plein Air 4 & 5
November’s Exhibition &
YPA Exhibition
PR Role
October’s Demonstration & OXFAM Visit

September’s Demonstration
Jean Perrett, gave us a superb detailed description of ways in which we could think
about our work, both before and during her painting. She began by discussing the
Notan method of designing art work; tonal balance, unity, dominance, contrast,
repetition, texture and mark making. Before going on to light and dark, line work and
focus points which led to her showing these in a practical demonstration, creating a
cafe scene in watercolour.
Essential to Jean’s talk and work were aspects like: sketching drafts before beginning
to paint to find the best aspect, the creation of shadows, domination of shapes, focus
that both leads the eye and interrupts it to create interest, perspective, dominant and
recessive forms that are not repeated, contrast and juxtaposition of straight and
curved lines, dark vs light tones, bright to dull and warm to cool colours, rough vs
smooth, harmony and balance, surprising the viewer, proportion, The Rule of Thirds
and the trying of new or different things.
Although this seems a lot to take in, Jean handled each part of this beautifully in her
practical demonstration and encouraged us by how they were accomplished.
At this meeting we welcomed six new members:
Gloria and Martyn Hollyman, Bernadette Lines, Cathy Pearce ( Welcome back ),
Christine Salter and Bernard Willington. As well as guests, Naomi and Pippa.

Member’s Mini-Art Exhibition 3
After the non-event of the second one, it was heartening to see a good number of
members, including new member, Bernard Willington, bring an excellent selection of
their work for us to peruse, enjoy and link the member to their work.
Our grateful thanks to all who brought their paintings.
It was agreed by your committee to hold 3 Mini-Exhibitions each year.

LSA Art Trail II 2019
Many thanks to Nick Hunt, Evelyn
Taylor, Jane Bennett, Jean Perrett
and Kim, for all the work of
leading, organising and carrying out
the tasks needed and the members
who placed their work, to make it
the great success it was.
With over 100 paintings and nearly
thirty shops involved, over 200 Trail
Maps taken, the Art Trail this year
was a success. Three paintings were sold, and a number of
potential new members expressed interest in joining the Society.
Another Art Trail in Devizes is planned for next year and, by
popular demand from both artists and shops, it’s likely to run for
at least twice as long – our plan for Devizes to learn more about
our Society appears to be working!

DOCA Art Fair (Sunday the 25th August on The Green)
Our thanks to Jean for getting the link to this and lending her
time, gazebo, table and painting equipment. Others doing a shift at the site were:
Jane Thomas-Prowse, Alan Ellis, Evelyn Taylor, Jane Bennett, Margaret Hanson,
Nick Hunt and Kim.
Our pitch there, included: a pop-up art gallery of
member’s work, our new roll-up banner, telling the
history of our namesake and The Lawrence Society of
Art, leaflets on our Society and how to join, posters and
Trail maps, with Plein Air painting by members
throughout the day and easels for adults and children
too. Delightful to see young people involved in their
painting and parents watching on.
It was a beautiful day and so many people found out
about us when visiting the exhibition and table of information.

Hillworth Park Cafe
More good news from the gallery here!
Jean Perrett has sold a painting there too! Congratulations
Jean…and Jill and Jeff Goatman for their continued work putting
the displays together.
Next date for the change over of paintings is the 15th October.
Please contact Jill before that date to join our success there.

Plein Air Painting Sessions 4 & 5:
Penultimate Session for the year was back
at The Caen Hill Community farm.
The Sun Flowers were particularly beautiful
and the animals and buildings provided a
rich choice of areas to paint. the animals
either inside or out, for a very special time.
Final En Plein Air Session ( 5 ) will be in
October. Date and place to be advised.

LSA Annual Exhibition & 150th Celebration of Sir Thomas Lawrence’s Birth.
– 16th
November 2019
Due to a clerical omission by the administration in the Town Council, this will now
be held at our monthly meeting Assembly room, at the top of the Town Hall and
The Jury Room instead of The Wessex Rooms in The Corn Exchange. It will, for the
first time, include the Young Peoples Art Exhibition, previously run so expertly at
Bishop’s Cannings Church, by Sarah and Alan Padwick. Evelyn Taylor is now the
member to contact on 07824781348. Please see about getting your younger
children, friends and neighbours involved. More details shortly.
Wednesday 13th November – collection of screens,member work delivery10-11pm,
setting up from 8am. Preview Evening 6 to 7.30pm.
Thursday 14th November – Public viewing
Friday 15th November – Public viewing
Saturday 16th November – Public viewing, retrieve work between 1pm & 2pm,
YPAE Prize giving 2pm.
Exhibition Paintings Price per entry:-
£5 per entry for framed (ready to hang) limit 6. Minimum selling price £50
£3 for mounted (unframed) limit 6. Minimum selling price £20
£3 for miniatures
Larger paintings will need an easel
Applications will be sent out this month, as will forms for volunteers to help with
transport on the first and last days, stewarding and selling the cards and prints
through the four days. We also need someone with a car and trailer to take the 6’ x 4’
exhibition boards to and from. Please contact Kim on:
Painting of final Display Boards
Our thanks to Jean and Nick for their work on Friday 6th Sept at 9.30a.m. at Breach
farm, Urchfont. Some adjustments to the connectors of one set are still to be made.
Date and time TBA.
October Demonstration.
Our Guest Demonstrator will be a return by popular artist, Mike Skidmore, who will
be working in oils to show us how to create compelling darks and evocative lights
with a still life painting. We look forward to enjoying his formative style and
traditional techniques.

OXFAM will be coming to October’s meeting with their art bargains.
Remember normal starting time is 7.15pm for notices and demonstration.
Although Autumn’s chill is here
May Sun’s warmth, and that of friends and family, keep you smiling
Your Committee
More delightful images.
DOCRA Day in August 11.30am
En Plein
Air 4
En Plein Air 4
Our thanks to Evelyn Taylor, Jean Perrett
and Jane Thomas-Prowse for the images
this issue.

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