October 2019 News Letter

In this issue:
October’s Demonstration& OXFAM Visit
Member’s Transport To Meetings 2
Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
En Plein Air 5
November’s Exhibition

November’s Demonstration
October’s Demonstration + Apologies for the missing mic’s and sound.
Loop check in progress.
With Mike Skidmore suddenly unavailable, Jane did a marvellous job to unearth
Colin Ross Jack for our demonstrator. He was quite a revelation; stone deaf, prone to
humming songs that he couldn’t hear, but what an artist and entertainer! His
explanations of the process he was to take in presenting us with Venice at
Sunset/Sunrise, and the consequential work to achieve this, were a fantastical treat;
full of whimsy, skill and repartee, as he kept up a running commentary ( laced with
very funny anecdotes and jokes ) as he worked, with much laughter from members.
A lifelong lover of painting, Physics Teacher, Astronomer and world traveller, Colin
proved the Monet saying that, ‘The only thing to paint is light.’ as he skilfully went
from a prepared pinkish-red canvas to one with the outline of the Venice cityscape
painted from darkest ( Prussian Blue/Burnt Umber) to lightest (White) in acrylic.
Then, following the break, painting the final aspects of his dramatic scene in oils,
loosely with ‘thick and textured’ paint. Resulting in a beautiful piece of art and
thunderous applause from the gathering. So many aspects to gather ideas from.
His final piece of wisdom was to, ‘Keep being born, as a painter.’

At this meeting we welcomed two new members:
Gary Hood and Sue Edwards.
Please make them welcome in our Lawrence Society way.

Hillworth Park Exhibitions
We have sufficient paintings for the coming change over, so
get your name down for the next one.
Please contact Jill Goatman to join our success there.

Final Plein Air Painting Session:
Happened on October the 18th
, behind The Trailer Centre,
London Road. There were two massive steam engines and
other smaller items of interest for our members to paint. Our
thanks to Jean Perrett for arranging the time there.

LSA Annual Exhibition & 150th Celebration of Sir Thomas Lawrence’s Birth.
13th – 16th
November 2019 at The Town Hall
This will include the Young Peoples Art Exhibition.
Contact Evelyn Taylor for these entries on 07824781348.
Please see about getting your younger children, friends and neighbours involved.
Dates and Timings:
Wednesday 13th November – collection of screens,member work delivery10-11pm
setting up from 8am. Preview Evening 6 to 7.30pm.
Thursday 14th November – Public viewing
Friday 15th November – Public viewing
Saturday 16th November – Public viewing,collect work between 1pm & 2pm,
YPAE Prize giving 2pm.
Exhibition Paintings Price per entry:-
£5 per entry for framed (ready to hang) limit 6. Minimum selling price £50
£3 for mounted (unframed) limit 6. Minimum selling price £20
£3 for miniatures
Larger frames will need to have an easel.
Volunteers are still needed to help with transport on the first and last days, as well as
stewarding and selling cards and prints through the four days. We also need someone
with a car and trailer to take the 6’ x 4’ exhibition boards to and from.
Please contact Kim on: mrkwwright22@gmail.com
Adjustments & Final Painting of Display Boards
Is to be at Breach farm, Urchfont, Tuesday 22nd October from 9.30 to 10.30am.
Helpers most welcome.

November Demonstration.

Caroline Viney is to show us the way of a formative style approach to painting oils on
aluminium, demonstrating interesting textures and atmospheric Seascapes.
Please remember, starting time is 7pm for a 7.15pm start.

Winter may stalk us,
But we love the colours,
New unveiling,
and paint them.

Your Committee

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