March News letter

1.March Talk & Members
2.Mini-Exhibition No. 1
3.Good News for the Padwicks
4.Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
5.Thanks to Jean Perrett
6.New Committee Member
8.April’s Critique

March demonstration:
Dee Cowell, ably supported by husband John, delivered a dazzling demonstration
using mixed media. From the beginning of this personal & care-free time of fine art
at work in a creative mind, we saw ideas & images emerge from Dee’s past life in
Africa & her recent visit as a tourist. Using a bright colour palette of, watercolour
pencil, inks, watercolours, acrylics & pastels, with a variety of techniques; like
squirting acrylic from nozzled bags, grating pastels, then spraying the shavings with
an atomiser, finger work, brush or palette knife. We were entranced to silence by the
wonders evolving before us…. until Dee did something off the scale of normal,
drawing gasps of disbelief, then laughter, as she worked her magic, making sense of
the audience-interpreted error or turning a misplaced line into part of the whole.
We understood it was a master-class and sat silently, like children, eagerly watching
the Elephants evolve from pencil sketch to vibrant colours, that made them jump out
of the canvas in blues, purples & pinks, outlined by white ink from a bottle brush &
surrounded by grasses of greens, yellows & browns. Quite stunningly beautiful!
As was Dee’s second piece, a group of Vervet Monkeys on a branch at sunset.
Starting with a watercolour wash of yellow & pink with some gravity work, it was
put away to dry, while the Elephants unfurled, returned to at the end of the session.
Here, again, the norms of colour were left behind in a superb explosion of colour &
dramatic life: bodies, faces & limbs beautifully sculpted with the glorious sunset
behind & through them.
Along with these portrayals we were given some real gems of advice: the importance
of empty space, divergent uses of colour & method, abandonment to the artist within
& away from reproducing copies of images.

Successful Members Mini-Exhibition No. 1
Thanks to the members who brought in a total of twenty pieces for everyone to see in
the first of these showings. They were a great focus at the interval, particularly trying
to read the names of the painter. Easy to read cards will be provided next time.

Hillworth Park Cafe
Another new range of member’s work is now up for March. Even more reason to
make any day a good one to go into the warmth there, enjoy a cuppa & view the art.

Our thanks to Jean Perrett for running the excellent month-long exhibition at
the Melksham Art Cafe.
Good feedback and an invitation from our hosts to return.

New Committee Member
Evelyn Taylor has kindly agreed to be on our committee as the Young Peoples Art
Exhibition Co-ordinator. Their exhibition will take place in conjunction with our
Annual Art Exhibition in November, upstairs in The Corn Exchange.

Please send Kim an e-mail, as per the previous request sent, saying you will be
bringing a picture to Max Hales Constructive Critiques at the April Meeting.
At present we only have 13 members contributing. Less than half the number

We need a new home for our exhibition display equipment, as Mr Fussell, who has
kindly lent us space in his garage, is soon to move house.
It would only take up one twelve foot section of wall and two feet out from that.
Please contact the committee.

Participation in The Urchfont Group’s Art Exhibition
Can be applied for by Lawrence members. See website or Sheila Weller to apply.

Our First Plein Air Painting Session
Will be on Tuesday 21st May from 9.30- 12 cost £5, coffee provided.
At Caen Hill Community Farm near Poulshot.
Numbers would be useful for refreshment purposes please.
See/e-mail Jean Perrett. ( )

St John’s Art Shop close at the end of March. Discounted materials available.

April’s Critique Meeting Advice
This is an open event for you to bring your work in for all the members to see and
have them looked at by popular Artist, Max Hale. He will constructively give a
qualified analysis of each, taking about three minutes per work.
Max requests that each painting has a working title, so remember your painting.
Your Committee

Feb news letter

In this issue:
February’s Talk
New members
Art Cafe Melksham Exhibition 2019/Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
Other Member Exhibitions
Plein Air Places Open
Oxfam’s visit
March’s Demonstration and April’s Critique
February Talk:
Past Chairman, Alan Padwick OBE, who did so much for our Society during his long
reign, gave us a keenly researched insight into our namesake, Sir Thomas Lawrence.
Through a talk, beautifully punctuated by images of the artist and his work, plus
contemporary colleagues and theirs, Alan, with wife Sarah on projection, drew us into
this remarkable young man’s world; from sketches in pencil to famous oils that hang
in Windsor Castle’s Waterloo Room and other fine houses here and abroad.
Starting with his birth in Bath, to a fiscally challenged Publican Father and a Mother
of 16 children, sadly, only 8 survived, with this small genius as one; we followed his
arrival in Devizes, at The( Black )Bear Hotel and Thomas’ growth in age and stature.
This was furthered by the great and the good as they sought him out, even before he
was 20, by choosing to come via this town on the way to Bath from London, to have
their portraits done by this talented young man.
Alan showed us Thomas providing a living for his family here and later in Bath and
then London; during which we caught glimpses of a precocious talent at work and in
love, in the heady society circles of the times. From hardship, to recognition by The
Royal Society and eventual full membership and Chairmanship, becoming the
Darling of the well-to-do, for his unique way of capturing likeness’ of children, adults
and seniors, imbuing these with a living soul, something few artists manage.
Our grateful thanks to Alan and Sarah( his beautiful assistant ) for an evening to
treasure and memories to hold up for Sir Thomas Lawrence our Societies namesake.
We particularly wish Alan a full recovery from his recent illness and surgery.

New Members
This month we welcomed three new members to take our membership to 122:
Karen Lawrencebright
Terri Card
Peter Meacock

Oxfam’s Visit selling used fames, prints, books was a fine success. Next one May.

Melksham Cafe Art Exhibition February 2019
February is the month to make time to go to Melksham Art Cafe and see the 60 pieces
of our member’s work, as well as be tempted by the brews and fresh foods available.
Reminder – Removal of hangings at 5pm, Sunday the 3rd of March.
Sales Fees – 20% on sales up to £100, 25% 0n those over £100.

Hillworth Park Cafe
A new range of member’s work was put up in January. Even more reason to make any
day a good one to go into the warmth there, enjoy a cuppa & view the art.
March is the next change of work due. Please contact Jill Goatman if you’d like
to have your work in there.

Other Member Exhibitions: David and Yvonne Auld and friends at The Pound
Corsham, until 12th March
Julie Weir’s solo exhibition – The Court Street Gallery,
Trowbridge, until March 9th

Also Note: Participation in The Urchfont Group’s Art Exhibition, which co-insides
with the village’s fabulous Annual Scarecrow Trail, can be applied for by Lawrence
members. See their website or Sheila Weller to apply.

Our First Plein Air Painting Session

Will be on Tuesday 21st May from 9.30- 12 cost £5, coffee provided.
At Caen Hill Community Farm near Poulshot. They are a charity that offers work
experience for people who cannot manage normal work. There are large sheds with
animal pens, so shelter if needed. Free roaming hens, pens with pigs, goats, sheep.
Cows in the field and lots more to paint like old buildings and farming equipment.
Numbers would be useful for refreshment purposes please. See/ring Jean Perrett.

March Meeting Demonstration
Dee Cowell will be demonstrating her take on Mixed Media Painting.
You’ll be inspired by this international artist, as she creates an African Scene for us.
Having lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and The Far East, she has much that has and
continues to inspire her work.

April’s Critique Meeting Advice
This is an open event for you to bring your work in for all the members to see and
have them looked at by popular Artist, Max Hale. He will constructively give a
qualified analysis of each, taking about three minutes per work.
Max requests that each painting has a working title, so remember your painting.

Bulb stems rising, blooming, reminding us that sunshine days are growing longer;
Spring is close.
Your Committee

January News letter

In this issue:
January’s Talk
Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition
Art Cafe Melksham Exhibition 2019
Other Member Exhibitions
February’s Talk on Sir Thomas Lawrence
January’s Talk and Demonstration.
With his foundations in the love of drawing and a wealth of experience in animation
over the years; not to mention a stylish use of caricatures, Bill Mather brought to us
an exciting multi-media presentation of his work.
Beginning with Art School and Design, Bill gave us a cheeky caricature of himself to
think about and followed this with his work in designing sets for BBC Bristol’s
Animal magic, with Jonny Morris; creating the character of ‘The Digger’, for, Vision
On and making animated maps for David Attenborough’s Wildlife Programmes.
From Bristol we went with him to London and his joining a private company to do
adverts ( remember the dancing milk bottles one?), as well as promotional films for
bands like Dire Straits and the duet between Barry White and Tina Turner; both in
Stop-frame Animation. The first hand-drawn in Disney-style and the second in Claymation, Ardman-style – both were shown to great applause! Stylistically, the clip of
the Dire Straits song was monochrome and full of nuanced images, patterns,
movement and fascination linking to the lyrics. While the Barry and Tina one was in
colour, with a strong sense of caricature and very humorously done; bringing out the
background story of Tina hating ‘The Lurve Machine’, Mr White, and the pair
recording their parts of the duet in different countries!
After the break Bill gave us a quick guide to drawing faces in a mathematical way
that was ready for applying the needed adaptations and changes due to the differences
people have.
It was then time for the first, pre-arranged, victim to sit before the audience while Bill
did a caricature of them….step forward Sydney Carter/Mr Chairman! Whereon, while
a bemused subject and an amused audience looked on Mr Mather created…
Kim…….The Aussie Bush Ranger…cork-hung hat and all! Victim/sitter two, was the
lovely Jean Perrett and it wasn’t until after the completion of her caricature/portrait,
that Bill revealed all the preparation he had done for his worthy subject, some 5 in all.
Questions were few in the face of this wonderful event, that was a delight to all in
this well-attended evening audience.
Great News! Our new Membership Secretary is Nick Hunt.
Melksham Cafe Art Exhibition February 2019
If you are still wanting to enter this exhibition, you should contact Jean Perrett
as soon as possible!
Delivery of your paintings to the Melksham Art Cafe in Market Place is 5pm on
Sunday the 3rd February.
Removal of them 5pm Sunday the 3rd of March.
Up to five pieces can be submitted through Jean, who will want to know:
Artist’s name
Painting title
and Medium used.
Clearly print these on the back of each work, so we can transfer them onto the
specially printed cards with The Lawrence Logo on them.
Cost per painting is £2 per work( £1 to LSA and £1 to the Art Cafe Charity ).
Sales Fees – 205 on sales up to £100, 25% 0n those over £100.
Artist short biography – to: by 15th January
Hillworth Park Cafe
Any day is a good one to go into the warmth here, enjoy a cuppa & member’s works.
Other Member Exhibitions:
David and Yvonne Auld and friends at The Pound Corsham, 12th
Jan. to 12th
Julie Weir’s solo exhibition – The Court Street Gallery, Trowbridge, 25 Jan.
to 9March
A relative new-comer to painting and our Society on the Committee, she has been
shown widely in the UK, America, Canada and Australia, where her work on the love
of nature has been very well received.
A finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year on 2015, Julie is about to be
interviewed for People Magazine about her work.
February’s Talk is on Sir Thomas Lawrence
Alan Padwick will give us a portrait, in words and images, of our own Local Hero
and Namesake; his life, progress from The Bear in Devizes to Court Painter, whose
works still hang in Windsor Castle and many other great houses in the land.
Alan was our Chairman for many years and is a most talented artist and accomplished
Keep warm and enjoy Winter’s Cloak.
See you at the February Meeting.
Your Committee

October news letter


Dear Members, our Membership Secretary is stepping down from the end of this year. If you would like to be her replacement talk to a Committee person.

In this issue: October Demonstration Melksham Art Cafe Opportunity Exhibitions of Member’s work in Devizes Shops October 13th Pop-up Exhibition November 5th WW1 Exhibition 2019 Calendar Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition Art Cafe Melksham Exhibition 2019 Working Bee November’s Talk

October’s Demonstration. Paul Arnot’s demonstration of a seascape, using acrylic/goash was very entertaining and informative. We were shown the taping of the canvas in preparation, with the application of acrylic paint on the inner side of this, to prevent bleeding underneath it when using the opaque retardant. It was very interesting to see the effect of this retardant on the acrylic paints, creating a similar drifting Wave forms near the shore as triangles, was one of many keenly observed ideas Paul gave us from his long love of the sea. The way of creating of a greater transparency just before waves broke was controversial, yet grew more real with the placement of the dark rocks framing each side and the wonderful shiny surface of retreating water over sand in the foreground. Another fascination for us in his work was the way the wave foam returning to the sea was painted in strings of white, both across the sand and up the incoming waves. During the interval a sale of a previous member’s Chinese brushes, paper, books and accessories was a great success, with all the many items sold and the money donated to the local Alzheimer’s Society.
Melksham Cafe Art Exhibition February 2019 Just to confirm, the exact dates for members wanting to put painting into this next year are: Sunday 3rd February to Sunday 3rd March. We’ll be asking again nearer the time, for names and numbers of works by members. Please note that there is requirement of a short biographical piece (from each person exhibiting) to display with the work, as well as a piece about the Lawrence Society, for publicity articles in the local paper and for the Rotary Club website. The sooner we know who will be exhibiting the better. Biogs should be emailed to:
2018’s Art in Trail Shops. Shops to visit to view member’s works are: CW Butchers – Brittox – Brenda Lyon Beez’s – Ginnel – Nick Hunt Cross Keys – Ginnel – Jean Perrett Giving Tree – Ginnel – Caroline De Bourgious Sprouts – St John St – Ria Rhys-Reuten Tudor House – Northgate St – Bev Usher Urban Rustics -Swan Yard – Jane Prowse Sadly, six of the original 17 business’ changed their minds. Our apologies to Ann Hunter, Jane Bennett and Jill Goatman, in particular, for their disappointments. At the time this was sent out those left for members to exhibit in were: Creativity, Country Curios, Roses Butchers & Sassy Sheik, all in Sidmouth St. Let Kim know if you are wanting to be in any of these.
October Pop-up Exhibition Saturday 13th October Our thanks to Adrian and committee members, Bev, Jean, Kim, ably assisted by David Lewis, new member Jane Prowse and Margaret Hanson, who saw to the raising and supervising of our first out door Pop-up Exhibition in Albion Square. After a rain drenched start the sun and interest grew; one sold, one new member and two more possibles. Next one is tabled for Bank Holiday Monday in August 2019.
End of WW1 Celebration Event Corn Exchange Foyer November Set-up: 1pm to 3pm on Sunday November the 4th Work will be displayed from Monday the 5th to Saturday the 10th of November in The Corn Exchange foyer. Work can be collected after 5pm on the last day. There are still spaces for your themed work. Contact Kim
Calendar for 2019 Going….Going……..! Only a small number of these are unsold…..we think… If you did have some for sale or return, please give the money/unsold calendars to Jane or Pat at the Next meeting.
Hillworth Park Cafe Any day is a good one to go into the warmth here, enjoy a cuppa & member’s works. Working Bee 6th November Exhibition panel legs for one set are now a suitable matt black. A couple of corrections were also made to the sliders. Our thanks to Jean and Kim for this and Mr Fussell for the great coffee! November’s Meeting – Talk Ronald Swanwick: Book illustrator, muralist, professional painter and adult tutor for 40+ years, will be talking on, ‘From Impressionism to Modernism.’ 7pm for a 7.15 start.
Your Committee

September news letter

Dear Members
In this issue: September Demonstration by Catherine Beale Workshop available Exhibitions of Members work in Devizes Shops 2019 Calendar October Pop-up Exhibition November 5th WW1 Exhibition Hillworth Park Cafe Exhibition October’s Demonstration
September’s Talk.
We were delighted to have Catherine Beale with us for the meeting and demonstration on the 3rd. Her view of what can be achieved with Watercolours, gravity and everyday items, like salt, was an inspiring look into how to further explore this often used medium. Through the simple drifting of blue sky into horizons and lush-brown ploughed countryside and on to placement of trees, we became aware of the changing focus and texture of the painting being created before us. Through adding course salt granules to the wet paint of its chocolate-pudding-consistency earthiness, we perceived clods of earth and rocks appear within it, altering texture and depth. By the end of the evening, although unfinished, we saw a wonderful richness of colour blending in her landscape that left a lasting impression, as well as a determination to try our own work with these new ideas.
Workshop in November
Catherine Beale will also be doing a workshop at Bishop’s Cannings Village Hall on the 30th November 2018. £30 for members. To book this contact Margaret Hanson.
2018’s Art in Trail Shops.
As we hoped, following the Art Trail, members have quickly taken up all but four of the shops who want year-long rolling exhibitions in their premises. A list of these will be in October’s Newsletter At the time this was sent out those left for members to exhibit in were: Creativity, Country Curios, Roses Butchers & Sassy Sheik, all in Sidmouth St. Let Kim know if you are wanting to be in any of these.
Calendar for 2019
Everyone was delighted by the 2019 Calendars on sale at the meeting in September. If you don’t have any yet for birthdays or Christmas gifts, they will be available at October’s meeting for £5 each. Great work Pat and Team for the choices that reflect the superb spread of our member’s ability and styles.
October Pop-up Exhibition Saturday 13th October
Fourteen members put their hand up for this event and were asked by organiser Adrian Hopkinson to bring their paintings to the next meeting. If you were not present, you can still become an exhibitor by taking your work to the same October 1st meeting. We are not allowed to sell paintings but, as with the previous Pop-up, your details can be on the paintings for prospective buyers to contact.
End of WW1 Celebration Event 5th November
Please note that the corrected starting date for this is Monday the 5th of November in The Corn Exchange foyer. All works will be there for the rest of that week. Those members interested in painting themed works on the event title should let Kim know at the October 1st meeting or by e-mail before the end of the month and bring them to the foyer of The Corn Exchange on Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm.
Hillworth Park Autumn is also a good time to go to this display of member’s work. Come into the warmth of the cafe and enjoy a cuppa and view the works there.
October’s Demonstration
This will be by Paul Arnott, using a Seascape to demonstrate the art of Acrylic/Gouashe. Seating for the October Demonstration, by request from members at the September meeting, will be different to aid better viewing of the screen.
Your Committee

2019 Calendars

The new 2019 Lawrence Society of Art calendars are now available.  Contact Patricia Rhodes  our membership secretary to reserve your copy.  

01249 760166


LSA 2018-19 programme of events

The Programme for Monday Evening Meetings 2018/2019
Monthly meetings are held in The Assembly Rooms, Town Hall, Devizes
and commence at 7.15pm
Annual Membership Subscription  
Adults: £20.00, there is an additional £2 per member when attending the monthly meetings. 
Students: (aged 25 years and under) £6.00
3 September  Catherine Beale – Demonstration; Watercolour
Watercolourist Catherine will excite us with her special personal style of ‘Gravity Painting’! She has many paintings in galleries worldwide and now has a Studio/Gallery in Bath.
1 October  Paul Arnott – Demonstration; Acrylic/Gouache
Return of popular talented professional artist to create a seascape. Pick up more tips and hints from this versatile artist.
5 November  Ronald Swanwick – Talk; ‘From Impressionism to Modernism’
Professional painter and adult tutor for over 40 years, Ronald has Illustrated many books, undertaken murals and many commissions.
3 December  Annual General Meeting – Meet up for a Social Evening and ‘air’ your views of the Society!
7 January  Bill Mather – Demonstration; Caricature
An interesting start to the year with multi-talented former creator of animation films, local artist and sculptor. Who will be the lucky subject?
4 February  Alan Padwick O.B.E. – Talk; Sir Thomas Lawrence – Royal Portrait Painter
So who is ‘Sir Thomas Lawrence’? Join us this evening and learn more about ‘Our Own Local hero’. Alan was our Chairman for many years and is a talented artist and accomplished speaker.
4 March  Dee Cowell – Demonstration; Mixed media
Be inspired by International artist, who will create ‘an African Scene’ for us. Dee gets her inspiration from living in Zimbabwe, South Africa and The Far East.
1 April  Max Hale – Critique
Return of another popular artist – What will he do next?  Bring your own special paintings for his constructive and qualified analysis. Look out for more information regarding this evening.
13 May  Phil Madley – Demonstration; Encaustic Wax 
An innovative, contemporary artist and teacher who will challenge your senses. Prepare to be amazed by this technique practiced by the Ancient Greeks; abstract, flowers, seascape and landscapes!
3 June  Paul Oakley – Demonstration; Oils
Creating a Sense of Place; a Semi-abstract landscape. Another talented member of our Society, Paul is also Chairman of The Marlborough Open Studios. 
1 July  Marie Antoniou – Demonstration; Acrylics
Bold colour in a contemporary impressionistic interpretation; A wildlife scene. Marie was Wildlife Artist of the Year (David Shepherd) in 2017 and 
BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2013. She is a regular contributor to ‘The Artist’.

Acrylic workshop

Dear members,
Simon Bishop, one of our highly talented members has kindly agreed to run a one day workshop for us onWednesday 16th May at Bishops Cannings village hall. Simon gave an amazing evening demonstration to the Society last year and this workshop will be working again in acrylic paint but this time the theme will be animals, either domestic or wild! The workshop will run from 10 – 3.30pm.
The day is open to all, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist. If you are interested, please e mail me at, ( please note the new e mail address). Do not send any money at this stage as I need 10 people for the workshop to run.The cost will be £20 per person . 
Please let me know by ASAP if you are interested in this workshop. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided but you will need to your own lunch.
Happy painting!
Margaret Hanson